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 Author: E. Rose Lynn  Category: Omegaverse, Reverse Harem, Romance  Published: 23 April 2024


Heated Book 1 | April 2024

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Kara is smart, beautiful—and very aware of the fact that no Alpha will want her, because she’s a one-in-a-million Omega who can’t get pregnant or bond. That’s what billionaire Alpha Damon Silva tells her his set of four Alphas wants, though, when he offers to court her.

The idea of four gorgeous billionaires wanting her seems too good to be true, and she can’t forget the one massive catch: without a bond, they’ll always be able to drop her from their lives and move on, leaving her known as the Omega who got left behind.

But this might be her only opportunity for the life she always wanted to live, if she can get past the fear of it all going wrong—or right. What’s an Omega to do, when faced with the opportunity of a lifetime?